Exploring Experiences with Fertility Treatment


In this research study, we are exploring individuals’ experiences with undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF). We are interested in how IVF relates to personal well being.

Am I eligible? We are currently recruiting individuals who reside in North America who are above 18 years of age and are fluent in English.

For this particular branch of this study, we are recruiting individuals who have undergone IVF treatment that included undergoing fresh or frozen embryo transfer and that did not result in pregnancy (i.e., received a negative beta pregnancy test result from your clinic).

What will this study involve? You will be asked to answer some personal questions related to your IVF experiences through a series of questionnaires, some of which may be uncomfortable or emotional in nature. This study will be conducted entirely online and will last approximately 1 hour in duration. Participants will receive a gift card as compensation ($20/hour). Your identity will be kept strictly confidential, and any identifying information we collect will be used solely for the purposes of compensation.

If you think you may be eligible and are interested in participating, please fill out this brief eligibility survey here: https://ubc.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_2ofchcNYZAyMXIi.

A research assistant will respond to you if you are eligible. Please note that at this time we are collecting a small sample of individuals, and therefore will award participation on a first-come first-serve basis.

Meet our study team

Dr. Daniela Palombo, Ph.D. (UBC Memory and Imagination Lab)

Dr. Samantha Dawson, Ph.D. (UBC Sexuality and Well-being Lab)

Kate Checknita, B.A. (UBC Memory and Imagination Lab)

Deea Dev (UBC Memory and Imagination Lab)

Kiran Dogra (UBC Memory and Imagination Lab)

This study has been developed by Drs. Daniela Palombo and Samantha Dawson at the University of British Columbia. It has been approved by the Behavioural Research Ethics Board (BREB) at UBC (Ethics ID: H21-01415). This study is funded by a UBC SSHRC Explore Grant and start-up funds awarded to Dr. Palombo from the University of British Columbia.