Recent Updates

  • July 2022: DP gets an Insight Grant from SSHRC! 
  • April 2022: DP presents at the BC Women’ Health Foundation Illuminations Luncheon.
  • February 2022: Leena Alkhammash received the Student/ Postdoc Travel Award from the American Association for Anatomy (AAA) to attend the Experimental Biology (EB) annual conference in Philadelphia, PA, USA and present an abstract. Congrats Leena!
  • January 2022: DP received a 2021 Women’s Health Research Institute Catalyst Grant from the Women’s Health Research Institute. 
  • December 2021: Congrats to DP who received the UBC Science Co-op Supervisor Recognition Award!
    November 2021: Congrats to DP who is now a Psychonomics Fellow
  • October 2021: Elaine Shi and Omran Safi are mastering “VR coolness” at MI headquarters
  • October 2021: Congratulations to Braedon Ballance and Victoria Wardell who are recipients of the CPA Honours Thesis of Excellence certificate!
  • July 2021: Chantelle Cocquyt had a strong MA defence this month. Congrats Chantelle! 
  • June 2021: Congrats to DP who was awarded a SSHRC Insight Grant with Connor Kerns (P.I. on the grant). Congrats to DP who was awarded a a 2021 DMCBH Innovation Fund Kickstart Research Grant. In other news, Aria Petrucci had an excellent MA defence this month. Finally, the MI lab is excited to welcome incoming graduate students Omran Safi, Victoria Wardell and Leena Alkhammash this September! 
  • May 2021: Congratulations to the class of 2021! Congratulations to Kate Checknita for receiving her undergraduate NSERC award, to Victoria Wardell for receiving her MA NSERC award, and to Chantelle Cocquyt for her PhD NSERC award. Congrats to Leena Alkhammash on her four-year fellowship from UBC. Well done!
  • February 2021: Congratulations to Victoria Wardell who received the Wesbrook Scholar and HSBC Emerging Leader Scholarship (two awards!). Well deserved Victoria! 
  • November 2020: Congratulations to Dr. Palombo who has been accepted as a new member of the Memory Disorders Research Society (MDRS)! 
  • August 2020: D.P. is awarded an Insight Development Grant from SSHRC. She will collaborate on this work with Drs. Jason Rights, Christopher Madan, and Brendan Gaesser.
  • July 2020: D.P. joins the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience as a Consulting Editor.
  • June 17th, 2020: Our graduating lab members had their virtual graduation ceremony, congrats to the class of 2020! Click here to read about what they are doing.
  • May & June 2020: The lab presents research at CNS and APS! Victoria Wardell is awarded an NSERC undergraduate award! Aria Petrucci is awarded a MITACS! 
  • April 2020: Dr. Palombo joins the editorial board (as a consulting editor) at Behavior Research Methods.
  • February 2020: Dr. Palombo receives a SSHRC Explore Grant – Arts Graduate Research Assistant Support grant to hire a summer RA.
  • January 2020: Congrats to Hayley Carolan who recently won the J Fred Muir Memorial Scholarship in Science *and* the Robert and Kazuko Barker Award!
  • December 2019: Congrats to Leor Elizur who was promoted to lab manager! 
  • December 2019: Congrats to Leor Elizur and Hayley Carolan who both received travel grants from UBC Psychology to submit (and hopefully present) their work at NOWCAM in 2020! 
  • July 2019: Dr. Palombo receives a SSHRC Grant in collaboration with PI Connor Kerns! D.P. is a Co-I. 
  • June 2019: Dr. Palombo receives a CFI Grant! This is D.P.’s second PI grant! 
  • April 2019: Dr. Palombo receives a Discovery Grant from NSERC with an Early Career Discovery Launch Supplement! This is D.P.’s first PI grant!
  • April 2019: Congrats to Leor Elizur, Hayley Carolan and Jacob Lamour on their summer undergraduate awards! Leor and Hayley will work full time in the MI lab this summer and Jacob will split his time this summer between the MI lab and Dr. Connor Kerns’ lab. Here is Leor presenting her work at PURC! 

  • January 2019: Dr. Palombo is honoured as an APS Rising Star
  • October 2018: Dr. Palombo receives a UBC’s Hampton Emerging Scholar Grant. 
  • July 2018: We have a new paper in the July issue of TICS!


Select coverage for our study on future thinking

Select coverage for our study on “trait mnemonics” and resting state connectivity (first author Signy Sheldon):

Select coverage for our study on trauma and the brain:

Select coverage for our study on severely deficient autobiographical memory:

Select coverage for our study on PTSD and autobiographical memory (first co-authors Margaret McKinnon & Daniela Palombo):

Coverage for our study on genetics, perception and memory (first author Rebecca Todd):

Coverage related to our study on “trait mnemonics” (first author Daniela Palombo):