Principal Investigator

Dr. Daniela J. Palombo
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology, University of British Columbia (Kenny 3108)
Email: [email protected], Tel: 604-822-4156

Graduate Students

Chantelle Cocquyt
Aria Petrucci

Undergraduate Students

Research Assistants
Leor Elizur
Christian Luca Esposito

Theses and Directed Studies
Hayley Carolan
Katherine Checknita
Victoria Wardell
YoungJi Tuen
Hallie Liu
Taylyn Jameson
Jasmeen Ayesha Mohammed

Jovin Khehra
Adrija Chakrabarti
Alessandra Te
Eva Ruiz
Haley Foladare
Bonnie Densmore
Kristine Gonzales
Emily Wang
Clara Granados Borreguero
Taylor Smith
Jacob Lamour

Norman the hedgehog

Eli Otis
Angela Qi
Andy Moldwin
Peter Chae
Ayasha Abdalla



Our lab is growing! Reach out to us if you want to be a part of our team. We are recruiting at many levels.