Alessandra Te

Alessandra Te, Lab Manager

I am a recent UBC graduate with a BSc in Cognitive Systems and currently work at MI as a research assistant. My research focuses on exploring how emotion affects episodic memory and its clinical applications. I am also interested in the relationship between emotion and movement. When I’m not working, I love to play volleyball and spend time with my dog!

Cocquyt, CM, Te, AA, Madan, CR, Palombo, DJ (submitted). The retrograde effects of emotion on memory for conceptually related events.

Dev, DK*, Wardell, V*, Checknita, KJ, Te, A, Petrucci, A, Madan, CR, & Palombo, D (in press). Emotion enhances memory for the sequential unfolding of a naturalistic experience. *co-first

Checknita, KJ, Cocquyt, CM, Rights, JD, Te, A, Palombo, DJ (under revision). Shifting gears: Emotional context and temporal memory.

Palombo, DJ, Elizur, L, Tuen, YJ, Te, AA, Madan, CR (2021). Transfer of negative valence in an episodic memory task. Cognition. (Video)

Palombo, DJ, Te, A, Checknita, K, Madan, CR. (2021). Exploring the facets of emotional episodic memory: Remembering ‘what’, ‘when’, and ‘which’. Psychological Science. 10.31234/ (Video)