Young Ji Tuen

Young Ji Tuen, Research Assistant

Hi! I am a BAH psychology graduate at UBC and currently working in the MI Lab as a research assistant. I’ve been very lucky to have worked on numerous projects and most recently, I am looking at the effects of episodic future thinking on attitudes towards climate change. My research interests are wide, but I am particularly interested in studying eating disorders. When I’m not studying or working, I love to cook, do yoga and be out in nature.

Ballance, BC, Tuen, YJ, Petrucci, AS, Orwig, W, Safi, OK, Madan, CR, & Palombo, DJ (submitted). Imagining emotional events benefits future-oriented decisions.

Palombo, DJ, Elizur, L, Tuen, YJ, Madan, CR (submitted). Transfer of negative valence in an episodic memory task.